5. The Hunting Ground:The Hunting Ground was #5 on my list because its not really a interesting topic to me, I feel as though they were looking for pitty, people get sexually abused everyday why not speak about them, or give them a movie.

4. Chasing Ice: Chasing Ice is #4 on my list because I don’t really have interests in glaciers but they are cool, because the bottom of it is much larger that the top that’s above water

3.  Rich Hill: Rich Hill is #3 on my list because although its a great movie they haven’t really been through the struggle like many others, they been through hard times and I like that they made a movie about their situations

2. Super Size Me: Super Size Me is #2 on my list because I actually have watched this film and its good, they tell some dark truths about Mcdonalds and their food, they show real stats throughout the movie, its really good

1.The Interrupters: The Interrupters is #1 on my list because I watched this documentary and I can relate to what that have been through, the street life,, family and close friends dying, the pain sucks but you have to stay strong, this film teaches guidance as well.

Prescription Drug Ads

I read the Background issue article, and it explains how much money the prescription drug companies make. I don’t agree with prescription drugs I think some of it is a scam, for example people around the world take dozens of pills a day and that’s not healthy for the human body. In 1961 at least 10 thousand kids were born with diseases due to their parents taking free sample drugs from pharmaceutical Drs. Since I was a kid watching drug ads on TV i always wondered why did the voice over that said all the side affects say them so fast when that information is the most important, it would always state out the few good affects that it will have on you but the major things get blocked out that’s not fair to the consumers that they can’t get all the facts about the drug until going to a doctor or reading the bad affects online or however they find out. Many drugs that the FDA approve cause suicidal thoughts, nausea, brain damage , and maybe the most common of all is depression, I learned that every 19 minutes somebody had died from an overdose on prescription drugs. This world is so backwards and its all about money and greed, we have been taught that marijuana is bad for us it makes you dumber but clearly look at the facts, tobacco kills people, alcohol kills people, prescription drugs kill people, weed deaths are still at 0, in my opinion the U.S.A needs an restart button this country needs help, but moral of the story I don’t agree with prescription drugs only for those who really need to take them

Social Issues

The article i clicked on is whether or not the Confederate flag should be presented in government own places, I said no, its disrespectful to my people and our culture. That flag stands for nothing but hate and racism, that’s how I feel about it, I look t that flag with disgust. Nobody would want a black panther flag flying around even though it stands for brotherhood. One of the polls say No it should be in a museum where it was originated from, that’s smart to do people can’t complain about it that way if its in a place where if you go then you will see it instead of it being everywhere, others think it should just be banned. The poll is 50% yes and 50% all over the USA, I looked at the ethnicity of the polls and most white people said yes the flag should be flown and most blacks said no, I thought that was really ironic, so I looked at Native American votes they are at 50% yes and 50% no too